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About Us

Infocom IT is a Sydney based company established in 1984. We initially started up predominantly selling computer hardware and software to end-users, small and medium-sized businesses situated in the Sydney CBD. Recognising the added value of providing IT consulting and support to all computer sales, Infocom IT has branched out in 2002 to focus on IT support.  Since then, we have developed into a company specialising in Managed Services for small to medium-sized businesses.


Our goal is to grow our business through long-standing relationships with satisfied clients and maintaining a personal relationship based on trust.  It is this that determines our long terms success.


To achieve our vision to become "A Complete IT Solution Provider".

To achieve our vision, we set our focus on;


  • delivering the highest quality in IT services and support,

  • providing flexible and affordable end-to-end IT solutions at a competitive price,

  • focus on adding business value and

  • earning respect and loyalty of our clients by continuously striving to be the best at what we do. 


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